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The Pakistani Ambassador to Russia l set the record straight on oil deals with his host country by confirming that this resource is “part of the larger canvass” of energy cooperation with it.

On June 6, the first Russian-Pakistani expert dialogue between the Valdai Discussion Club and Pakistan House analytical centre took place, titled “Strategic relations between Russia and Pakistan”. The event was held at the Moscow site of the Club; its address is: Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 16/1. The opening and the first session titled “Geopolitical Challenges and Joint Development” were broadcasted live on our site on June 6.

Russia-Pakistan Political and Security Relations

Relations between Russia and Pakistan have strengthened markedly in recent years. Cooperation has particularly intensified following Pakistan’s accession to the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. It is in progress, inter alia, in the defence and technical sphere. What are the prospects for further improvement of the bilateral political dialogue? What are the challenges to this? And what influence could recent developments have on the dynamics of bilateral relations: escalation of the Ukrainian conflict, on the one hand, and changes in the internal political situation and the change of the prime minister in Pakistan, on the other?


Shafqat Ali Khan, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the Russian Federation

Ivan Safranchuk, Director, Center of Euro-Asian Studies, MGIMO University

Muhammad Athar Javed, Founder and Director General, Pakistan House

Aleksei Kupriyanov, Head of the Group on South Asia and Indian Ocean of the Center for Asia Pacific Studies, Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Watch the while session here

Source: Valdai Discussion Club 



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