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Britain’s Truss expected to be named Conservative leader, new PM. Explainer: Will capping Russian oil prices actually work? Chile’s New Constitution Could Guarantee Neoliberalism Dies Where It Was Born. How the 1905 Revolution Inspired Rosa Luxemburg’s Vision of Emancipation. Pakistan’s Devastating Floods Show the Climate Crisis Is Also a Debt Crisis.
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Today’s newsletter covers Imran Khan’ Re-Write of Political History of Pakistan 🇵🇰, the Crisis in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰, India 🇮🇳, Russia 🇷🇺, Iran 🇮🇷 as Eurasia’ Transportation Powerhouses, Threatened Russian Neighbours, Russian Influence in the Balkans, Progress in Ukrainian Ukraine 🇺🇦 Wheat Blockade, and Heatwave in the UK 🇬🇧.

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